It is sad that Whitney Houston lost her battle and her life to her addictions. It is also sad that her “friends” were not there for her. Not Whitney the super star; but Whitney the vulnerable, lost friend.

She needed a safety net and she didn’t have it. That is the really sad part; people put their agenda above helping her.

R.I.P. Whitney. I’m sorry you were not able to be helped. Maybe in losing you, others will be helped.

Your addictions were not only yours, but belonged to the doctors and “friends” that enabled you. Those that were standing by your side but not looking out for your best interest.

When someone is lost in the fog of addiction, they can not find their way out on their own. They need the help of caring doctors and friends. Those that aren’t afraid of getting their feelings hurt. Those that will be there when you are heading down a slippery slope and are holding on to you as if their life depended on it too.

That’s what was missing from Whitney’s life. Something money can’t buy.


5 responses to “Whitney

  1. I love this! The pic you chose is stunning; Whitney in happier times. Some of us need to wtihhold our quick and brutal judgments about her wasting her talents, etc. No one knows her demons or what went on in her heart or brain. She was a mother, and a beautiful, talented woman who sang like an angel, and she is no longer with us. And that is tragic.

  2. Compassionate and well written. Nicely done, Patti! xo

  3. This is a well written tribute to to Whitney, It has been my experience that sometimes- the person in trouble will not take help or hold our hands. I do not know what happened with Whitney. Your compassion show thru this tribute. Thanks for sharing, Beverly

  4. Love your blog! Great job! As someone who has had 3 members of her family die from drug overdoses, I can honestly state that the only person who can stop themselves from doing the abuse, is the person themselves. Why some are able to & some cannot, is more than my pea brain can figure out. But one thing is true: these souls need our prayers & compassion, not judgement. Thank you for showing such compassion to this talented human being. I thought so much of “I’ll Always Love You”, that it was played at my son’s funeral almost 18 years ago.

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