Happy Birthday Mom

. Well Mom, it’s the first day of summer. That means it’s your birthday. If you were still here, you would be 85 years old. It will be 17 years this December that you lost your fight with breast cancer.

It makes me not only sad but a little mad too; when I think about not only the battle you lost but also the time we lost. I’ve been trying very hard not to dwell on the negative. It took a long time for my heart not to skip a beat when the phone rang at 10am (the time reserved for you and me to talk).

When I post something about you on facebook, it makes my heart smile to read all the beautiful comments that others post.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve told people the story about when the two of us went to San Francisco. You thought it would be a good idea to throw a french fry to the sea gulls!

My heart swells with pride anytime someone says I look like you.

I cherish all the wonderful memories I have of our time together. I am truly blessed! Thank you for giving me the “good cook” gene.

All the wonderful memories (and recipes) I have are helping me get past the pain.

Give Sara a big hug and kiss for me.

I love you..


4 responses to “Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Patti, this is so sweet….and so sad. I’m sorry for your loss, girlfriend. You Mom was beautiful and you DO look so much like her. I can see the same gentleness in her eyes as I see in yours. How lovely is that? We are blessed with our memories…..I call them our “priceless art”, because all we have to do is close our eyes – and sometimes, we don’t even have to do that. Please know you are greatly loved. xoxo Julia

  2. Patti I read both blogs and my heart just broke and I cried for you, I have no inclining what it is to lose a child but losing amom I do know about my mom was 61 and too young to die and I was angry with her because she left me and now that I ampast her age I tthink of all she’s missing, I want to reach out to you as a friend and someone you can talk to and I hope I didn’t add to your grief by coming into your dad’s life, That’s the last thing I want is to hurt you in any way,By reading this gives me an incite what you are going through, God bless you he will get you through your journey Luv Joyce

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