Own It

2012 was a crazy year. It started out uneventful. When we got to the last 3-4 months…totally different thing.

It seemed to spiral out of control. Words, like hairball & smile, to be exact, were a large part of what saddened my heart as 2012 started to wind-down.

The first word, ‘hairball’, was so offensive to a person that it ended an 11 year collaboration and friendship.

The other word was ‘smile’. As words go, smile isn’t a word you would think could cause such a problem. Timing is everything and the timing of the word smile on my Facebook page knocked the wind out of me, added to my heartache, and almost ended a 52 year friendship.

It’s one thing to make a comment that makes someone cry but also lightens their heart. It’s another thing to make someone cry and crush their already broken heart.

If yours words, no matter how innocent you think they are, come across wrong or are taken in a way you didn’t mean them…correct it. Not only correct it, do it quickly. Own it and apologize.

Some people don’t realize the power behind words. The person dishing them out may think the other person is being too sensitive…it doesn’t matter.

A half-hearted apology will lead to a half-hearted acceptance. That will leave a huge elephant in the room.

Words can hurt or words can heal.

Choose yours carefully.


10 responses to “Own It

  1. Patty, This is an important message! And one that I think A LOT of people need to not only read, but HEAR. I’m quick to apologize if I find I’ve hurt someone’s feelings or messed up somehow. Sometimes you tell someone they hurt you and instead of apologizing or even acknowledging your feelings, they will argue with you and tell you why you are wrong to feel that way. We get stuck sometimes, in our rightness. They are such simple and powerful words, “I’m sorry”. Own it. A GREAT PIECE OF WRITING! xoxoJulia

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  3. Great stuff! Hit home today for me!

  4. Bonny Burmeister

    I have often said to people “that wasn’t what you intended, but that is the way I, (or someone else) took it”. I ask them to accept how the message was received and acknowledge that person’s feelings. Isn’t that what friends are supposed to do? It should not be important to stand by what you “meant” to say and think that that is enough or is somehow an apology to your friend. What should be important is knowing your friend enough to know when you have hurt them and wishing with all your heart to be able to put things right again.

  5. Great message and reminder for us all Pat! Social media like Facebook is a wonderful outlet, but people must realize that the written word can be interpreted very differently than the spoken word as it is not accompanied by tone or inflection. I miss you buddy!!! xoxo

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