Sacrifices Worth Making

I’ve had several pity parties for myself over the last few months while I’ve been out here in California visiting my sick aunt.

Although I’m glad I haven’t been home in Michigan for all the crazy weather, my heart aches for things I’m missing; mainly, my family and friends. I’ve also missed four major holidays, my son’s last day of school, and a half dozen birthdays. Not to mention numerous dinners with friends, my friends’ art shows and countless adventures with my photography/Cracker Barrel buddy.

Spending innumerable hours in the hospital, I have met many awesome people. With the exception of a few, the employees at PIH Health Hospital in Whittier, California are wonderful. Several have gone above and beyond their job description to make sure not only my aunt, but also my cousin, George, her private nurse, Mary, and myself are comfortable and know what is going on. Several nurses have come to visit and pray for her. My aunt has been treated with nothing but dignity and respect.

Aunt Marguerite, despite being thousands of miles away from my home, has always been my favorite aunt. The fact that we both love cooking, collecting recipes, and drinking Scotch is only the tip of the iceberg. My aunt, like my dad, has the cool factor going for her. Through all of this, her sense of humor and well placed sarcastic remarks have stayed intact.

She has passed on those two traits to her son as well. I love that we can both use our humor and sarcasm to help each other get through this crazy/scary time.

When you look past George’s humor and sarcasm, you will find a loving son who is very devoted to his mother. He has slept in her room at the hospital every night since she was admitted April 3rd. The days he is forced to work, he is texting or calling for updates.

While part of me misses my family and friends at home, it is trumped by the fact that me being here has helped my cousin keep his sanity. We have laughed and cried together. My knowledge, albeit limited, of medical procedures and medications has helped ease his anxiety.

Let me tell you, I have learned more than I ever thought I would need to know about PEG tubes, intubation, C-diff, septis, lactic acid levels, and a laundry list of medications.

As I am writing this, I’m sitting in my aunt’s ICU room waiting for George. She is improving and having set backs everyday. It’s a very slow process. She is truly a fighter and has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Although this whole experience continues to be like a roller-coaster ride, I have confidence in the medical staff here and I’ve placed all this in God’s hands.


9 responses to “Sacrifices Worth Making

  1. There is nothing greater you will ever do, that what you are doing right now… being by someone’s side when they are sick is just pure love at it’s best. I know it is hard but this experience will change you and open depths of your inner spirit, to which you will just become a better you. Prayers for your aunt, you and your family.

  2. Thank you awindowofwisdom for the kind words and prayers.

  3. You are still one of my best friends ever my prayers and thoughts are with you I’m glad we’re not going through a pity party together cuz we would be a pretty sad mess but things as you say have a good side and that’s what we have to look at and concentrate on its so hard sometimes! God bless you Pat

  4. Thank you for your kind words & prayers. I’m also praying for you and your family my friend.

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  6. Pauline Twardowski

    This is absolutely beautiful.

  7. Patti, I am proud to call you my friend. This is a beautiful piece of writing and a precious sharing of your heart. What you’ve done for your cousin and your Aunt is priceless. And you yourself walk away from the experience all the richer for it. Your compassion for others doesn’t need to boast or announce itself; your actions are an example to us all. Well done, girlie. All my love.

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